The Adair family

At the turn of the century in Issaquah, almost everyone knew Archie Adair. He ran a popular saloon, was active in local government, and had four hard-working sons.

He came to this country in 1881 as a 17-year-old orphan from County Antrim, Ireland. He arrived in Washington in 1885 where he took out naturalization papers, and in 1889 married Wilhelmina Boehringer. She was the daughter of a German-born widow who had set up a boarding house first in Newcastle and then in Issaquah.

The Issaquah boarding house turned into a career for the newly married couple. They ran both the Adair Saloon and the Davis Hotel, located where the Issaquah Rexall is today. They had four sons-George, Archie Jr., Louis and Johnny. Sadly, Wilhelmina died shortly after giving birth to Johnny.

In 1919, Prohibition put an end to Archie’s business. Not only did he have to shut down the saloon, but the law prevented him from collecting on old business debts as well. He had to sell off his land holdings around town, but he and his boys were never ashamed of hard manual labor.

Most of the sons moved away, but Archie Jr. did stay and married into the Bonnar family. It became a tradition for the family to gather on Sundays for picnics, sing-alongs, and good times. Today, ten Adair descendents still live in Issaquah carrying on those times of togetherness.

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