The Croston family

Many homes and commercial buildings in Issaquah can be traced back to the craftsmanship of the Croston family, which boasts eight generations of carpenters.

The Issaquah branch was founded by James Henry Croston and his wife Anna, who came to Pennsylvania from England in the early 1880s. They moved here about five years later. James Henry worked in the local mines as a carpenter, following in the footsteps of his father, grandfather and great-grandfather.

In 1900, he built the Grand Central Hotel as a three-story rooming house and ran it until his death in 1911. The family sold the hotel in 1920, but kept busy in the growing town. Many of the homes still standing in the southeast quadrant of town were built by family members, including the Croston Lane area where James Henry’s son, James Henry II, raised his family.

Today, there are seven Croston descendents still in the area. That includes the father-son team of Denny and Dennis James Croston, who operate Issaquah-based Croston Construction.

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