The Cubbon family

Thomas Cubbon and Margaret Kennah were born on the Isle of Mann, located between Scotland and Ireland. In 1891, the couple and their oldest child, Edith, immigrated to Seattle. Margaret’s wealthy uncle sponsored them, but when he was killed in a freak accident in the Alaskan gold fields, the young family struck out on its own.

Thomas Cubbon had left school at the age of 14, but he was well-schooled in hard work. The Cubbons relocated to Kirkland, where daughter Bessie was born. From there, they moved to Issaquah. Margaret and the girls made the journey by rail. Thomas and his chickens walked the distance.

At first, he worked in the coal mines, but a crippling accident sent him seeking a new occupation. Borrowing an idea from his old island home, Cubbon became one of Issaquah’s first seafood salesmen. His hard work and initiative led to the family opening the Issaquah Grocery, located where today’s Issaquah Floral does business.

From then on, the fortunes of the Cubbon family only prospered. Four more children-Peggy, Ruth, Bill and Nelson-were born. The family lived behind the store for many years, but eventually built a lovely house that was considered spacious and gracious for its time. The two-story home still stands north of I-90 near the gravel pits.

Only one of Margaret and Thomas Cubbon’s children is still living. Ninety-year-old Margaret Cubbon Laney resides in Seattle, and fondly remembers her friends and the good times the family had in those early days in Issaquah.

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