The Erickson family

Eric Erickson and his wife Magdalena were born in Sweden in 1856 and 1864, respectively. They immigrated to America with their two sons and three daughters-Eric, Peter, Amanda, Agnes and Maria.

The family settled in the logging community of High Point, east of Issaquah. The town was almost totally Swedish, and the families there developed close ties that are still in evidence today although the town disappeared years ago.

In 1910, the Ericksons purchased property south of Issaquah, some of which is still owned by Eric and Magdalena’s descendents. In those early years, family members engaged in the logging, sawmill and farming businesses around Issaquah and High Point.

Son Peter died in World War I in Bordeaux, France, but many of the other children stayed here to raise their families. Descendents Emil Erickson and Eleanor Wicklund Hope still live in Issaquah, Ed Erickson lives in Olympia, and others are scattered in nearby communities.

Currently, the fifth generation of the family attends Issaquah schools.

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