The Greggs family

James Greggs came to Washington Territory in 1889, eventually settling in Newcastle near the mines. His youngest son, Walter, married Jennie Sipila in 1915. They had three children of their own, Maxine Maulsby, Doreen Dalbotten and Gerald Greggs. All settled in Issaquah.

Maxine and Dean Maulsby established the first variety store in town, which was later purchased by Irv and Doreen Dalbotten. The two sisters also ran the DorMax Dress Shop.

The Dalbottens had four children, Marlys, Gae Ann, David and Mark.
Gerald Greggs had three children-Tom, Dwight and Paulette-who were also raised in the area.

In the next generation, the Dalbotten’s daughter, Gae Ann, carried on a family tradition by marrying her high school sweetheart, Steve Anderson. They currently live on Lake Sammamish, where they are raising three children of their own.

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