The Lindsay family

Mary Ramage was born in Scotland on October 24, 1850. At a young age she married coal miner Thomas Lindsay, and the couple eventually immigrated to Nanaimo, British Columbia.

When the mills shut down in Nanaimo, the Lindsays were ready to sail for Washington with their friends the Lewises and Francises. But Mary was pregnant with one of her nine children, and the Lindsays had to follow on a later boat after the baby was born. All three families settled in Newcastle around 1880.

Thomas Lindsay died in 1913, but Mary lived to be 88. She was a well-known character in Issaquah, and everyone called her Granny Lindsay. She was tiny and lively, and delighted her family by dancing the Highland Fling on top of a table to mark her 85th birthday.

Almost all the Lindsays still living in the Issaquah area are descended from the couple’s son William. His children-Earl, Bob, Margaret Doherty, Mildred Beach, Bernice Rasher, and June Nygren-have many children and grandchildren here. Two weeks ago, more than two dozen descendents attended a reunion at Lake Sammamish.

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