The Wold family

In 1867 three Norwegian bachelor brothers arrived in Squak Valley, and the valley would never be the same again.

The 160 acres that Lars, Ingebright and Peter Wold bought from Ned Welch for $500 straddled Issaquah Creek in the area where Gilman Village stands today. The Wolds cleared the land and planted it with hops purchased from Ezra Meeker in Puyallup. By 1889, they had 55 acres under cultivation. It was Issaquah’s first commercial crop. Disease wiped out all the valley’s hops by 1901.

Peter and Ingebright sold their land to Lars, but Ingebright put his mark on the valley by platting the Englewood residential area that is southeast of City Hall.

All three brothers eventually married and had children. Lars’ son Andy started working for his dad as a bookkeeper at age 10 and was still in the hay, feed and hardware business 70 years later. Today, the Wold Building is still standing on the northeast corner of Front and Sunset. But the only family member left in Issaquah is Peter Wold’s granddaughter, Beryl Baxter.

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